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Zero Trust
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Unlock Security with Zero Trust Services
Enhance your cybersecurity posture with CISTCK Group’s advanced Zero Trust Services. Trust no one and protect your digital assets against evolving threats.





Discover unparalleled threat detection and response with Bitdefender XDR. Our advanced solution provides real-time visibility, rapid incident response, and comprehensive threat intelligence, ensuring robust protection against sophisticated cyber threats.


Businesses require protection against today’s most sophisticated cybersecurity threats without unnecessary complications. Let VIPRE help keep your organization safe from online threats and data risks with customizable solutions.

Powerful EDR without complexity

Detect and respond instantly to endpoint threats with next-generation EDR and antivirus technology built for SMEs and the partners that serve them.

email encryption

Securing Your Communications

Elevate your email security with Trustifi. Our advanced platform offers end-to-end email encryption, secure communication tracking, and protection against phishing threats. Trustifi ensures your sensitive information stays confidential and your communication channels remain secure.

Neushield - Ransomware protection

Revolutionizing Data Protection

Experience a new era of data security with NeuShield. Our innovative solutions provide unparalleled protection against ransomware, data breaches, and malicious attacks. Safeguard your critical assets and ensure business continuity with NeuShield’s advanced security technology.

vulnerability assessment

Overcome scarce resources and limited time to keep pace with attackers and proactively find and fix vulnerabilities across your constantly changing attack surface.

Trust the No. 1 vulnerability assessment solution to give you peace of mind in a constantly changing security world. Trust Tenable Nessus.


Empowering Digital Transformation

Embark on a journey of innovation with Microsoft. From productivity tools to cloud solutions, Microsoft empowers businesses to achieve more. Harness the power of technology, drive collaboration, and transform your operations with Microsoft’s suite of cutting-edge solutions.


Using advanced AI learning, Trend Micro stops ransomware so you can enjoy your digital life safely. It also protects against malware, online banking and shopping threats and much more. Top rated by industry experts, Trend Micro Security delivers 100% protection against web threats.


Elevating Network Security

Empower your digital infrastructure with Fortinet’s cutting-edge security solutions. From robust firewalls to advanced threat protection, Fortinet delivers comprehensive cybersecurity to safeguard your network from evolving threats.

What We Can Do For You

What We Can Do For You

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive solutions. From cutting-edge technologies to tailored strategies, we are dedicated to delivering results. Explore how we can elevate your operations, enhance efficiency, and drive success.

Our Services Include:

Network Protection

Data Center Protection

Web Protection

Take our services to achieve your goals and navigate the path to success.

RISK Management

Effective Risk Management for Your Business

Navigating uncertainties is crucial for success. Our expert risk management solutions empower your business to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks. From strategic planning to proactive measures, we ensure a resilient foundation for your operations.

Key Features:
– Comprehensive Risk Assessment
– Proactive Risk Mitigation Strategies
– Strategic Planning for Uncertainties

Partner with us to safeguard your business and turn challenges into opportunities.

ISO 27001 Implementation & Internal Audit

ISO 27001 Implementation & Internal Audit Services

Ensure the security of your information assets with our ISO 27001 services. Our expert team specializes in seamless implementation and rigorous internal audits to achieve and maintain compliance. Trust us to fortify your information security management system, providing peace of mind and compliance assurance.

Our Services Include:
– ISO 27001 Implementation
– Internal Audits and Compliance Checks
– Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs

Partner with us to secure your information landscape and demonstrate commitment to data protection.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust Services for Robust Security

Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with our Zero Trust Services. Trust no one and ensure comprehensive protection against evolving threats. Our solutions redefine security, offering continuous verification, strict access controls, and real-time threat detection.

Key Features:
– Continuous Authentication
– Strict Access Controls
– Real-time Threat Detection

Partner with us to implement a Zero Trust model and fortify your defense against modern cyber threats.

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