Project info

  • Date:
  • January 8, 2022
  • Client:
  • Small World Kosova - FINSER
  • Category:
  • Software Technology
  • Address:
  • Mbreti Zogu I, PrishtinĂ«

Client and Business Goals:

KIOSK Payment for Small World Kosova – Finser Money Transfer agency company based in Kosovo and spread all over Balkans is the Money Transfer Service for B2B relations and C2C

Product Description:

Kiosk software is designed to provide specific customer service-related functionality via publicly accessed kiosk units or a kiosk system. Kiosk software aims to achieve high user satisfaction at reduced customer service costs by offering automated interaction that results in payment, order placement, cash withdrawal or other service actions.

The main key for Kiosk is that clients does not depend on closing hours, they can do payments and money transfer 24/7 – 365 days.

Applied Technologies:

  • AWS (EC2, EBS, S3, Route 53), PHP, PostgreSQL, Nginx, JavaScript, Vue.js
  • Composer, Hazelcast, PostgreSQL, Redis, REST services, WebSockets, Swift (iOS) and Java (Android)
  • UI/UX design, Agile management
  • Manual, automated UI, stress and performance testing
  • Continuous integration (Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ansible)
  • Machine learning: Time Series and Gradient Boosting models.


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